Saturday, October 18, 2014


By Anita Tate, Century 21 West Main Realty & Auction

As temperatures drop and there are more dreary days than sunny, it’s natural for sellers begin to worry about selling their home during the winter months. To avoid the fears of your house staying on the market too long, here are a few tips that can make your home welcoming and appealing to buyers. 

Curb Appeal - First Impressions

Up Front: No matter the season, the first thing that prospective buyers see is the front of your house. So rake the leaves, sweep the drive, and trim those bushes! Taming the shrubbery is a must to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Overgrown shrubbery will actually make your house appear smaller. All bushes should be trimmed well below the bottom ledge of your windows. You have nothing to hide!

Helleborus blooming in the snow
Burst of Color: 
Winter doesn’t have to be drab. You can make your yard “pop” with various shades of green and textures of plants. You can create a dramatic effect with plants like helleborus and cyclamen that offer bright displays of color all winter. Pansies are favorites in climates that have fewer days of freezing. Color is unexpected in the winter. It will show buyers that you care and will set your home apart from other sellers who didn’t go for the extra effort and the small expense.

The Welcoming Entrance: 
Take a moment to stand at your front door as if it were your first visit. Look at the door, the hardware, and the welcome mat. For a low cost, you can make a huge difference. Paint the door in a glossy, bold color. Get new hardware or just polish and shine the old. Be sure to include your door knocker, lock-set, light fixtures, house numbers and mailbox. Replace your welcome mat with a new sea grass or coir mat and place potted plants on the landing. This small effort will do worlds to tell your buyers that they are import, they are expected and they are welcome. 

 All of these improvements can be accomplished in little more than a weekend, but what a difference they will make. Tidy, colorful and fresh vs. drab – you have greatly improved your odds over your competition. Selling in winter could be to your advantage! 

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